Currently, we offer a selection of 37 available currencies. This selection will continue to expand over time. For further information regarding each currency, please click on the relevant option. The currency codes are in compliance with the ISO 4217 standard (Codes for the Representation of Currencies and Funds).

Currency Name Region
Euro European Union
United States Dollar United States
Pound Sterling United Kingdom
Australian Dollar Australia
Brazilian Real Brazil
Canadian Dollar Canada
Swiss Franc Switzerland
Chinese Yuan China
Danish Krone Denmark
Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong
Indian Rupee India
Japanese Yen Japan
Korea Won Korea
Malasian Ringgit Malasia
New Zealand Dollar New Zealand
Singapore Dollar Singapore
Taiwan Dollar Taiwan
South African Rand South Africa
Thai Baht Thailand
Swedish Krona Sweden
Norwegian Krone Norway
Mexican Peso Mexico
Bulgarian Lev Bulgaria
Czech Koruna Czech Republic
Hungarian Forint Hungary
Polish Zloty Poland
New Romanian Leu Romania
Icelandic Krona Iceland
Croatian Kuna Croatia
Russian Rouble Russia
New Turkish Lira Turcode
Philippine Peso Philippines
Argentine Peso Argentina
Saudi Arabian Riyal Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates Dirham United Arab Emirates
Bahamian Dollar The Bahamas
Uruguayan Peso Uruguay

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